Construction has been moving on RainDance National Golf Club for about four months.

The Windsor golf course is being built from scratch with the vision of pro golfer Fred Funk and longtime senior golf course architect of the Arnold Palmer Design Co., Harrison Minchew.

The course is currently scheduled to open in July 2022 with a goal of eventually attracting major pro golf tournaments to the area. The course with majestic mountain views as a backdrop and located above the Cache La Poudre River will be open for play to both private members and the public.

Recently, Funk, Minchew and RainDance developer Martin Lind gave a tour of the grounds and shared the plans for world-class course that's been 20 years in the making.

“I think the course will stand up to the best players in the world and also be fun to play for players of any skill level," Funk said. "The goal of mine… is to walk off the 18th green and say, wow, I can’t wait to do that again.”

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