The COVID-19 vaccines have been a polarizing topic and with recent requirements announced at venues, places of employment, and more, protests have taken place in resistance to the vaccine requirement across Colorado and the country. A protest was formed on Friday in front of Loveland's UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies due to the recent announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for providers, volunteers, and employees.

According to the Reporter-Herald, UCHealth's vaccine requirement must take place by October 1. The protestors at Loveland's Medical Center of the Rockies chanting "my body, my choice" were a mix of healthcare workers and local residents who strongly believe that the vaccine should be a choice for people, not a requirement for employment.

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The Reporter-Herald reports that 90 percent of UCHealth Employees have been vaccinated in the state of Colorado. Banner Health and Kaiser Permanente are two other large healthcare providers in the state of Colorado that have announced vaccine requirements for employees recently.

COVID-19 cases in Northern Colorado are on the rise and Larimer County has reentered the high-risk category via the COVID-19 Dashboard at One week COVID-19 case rate is at 134 per 100,000 residents and a rate of positivity at 7.2 percent. Larimer County's ICU units being used are currently at 90 percent. This percentage rate is for ICU units include all healthcare reasons and not only isolated to COVID-19 cases.

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