So it seems as though the Utah National Guard may be in a bit of hot water if what we see is true. Utah taxpayers are wondering why their money is being spent on a calendar shoot.

I first got wind of this on Monday and looked for an update today. The fact that there isn't any new news on this is probably not good news for the Utah National Guard.

When most of us hear the term "hot shots" we think firefighters, not buxom sexy models. However, these British bombshells are called "hot shots" as well and they do a calendar shoot every year with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the UK’s Help for Heroes as well as select U.S. SOF charities.

Perhaps that is why the Utah National Guard said yes to helping them shoot portions of the calendar? Or did they? News is coming out of Utah that some of the scenes are most likely taken at Camp Williams which has lawmakers up in arms and a full fledged investigation is underway. The issue is the women using government issues weapons and vehicles and to be honest, I might be a tad upset at my tax dollars being used on this as well.

The biggest question I have is, why is the guy in the feature photo in his underwear? Well, let's hope all the residents of Utah get a free calendar.

Here is a more graphic "behind the scenes" look at the calender shoot, WARNING: NSFW and parents use discretion for children viewing this story.

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