Well next weekend is Johnny's Community Run. This great event in the memory of John Jacoby is the one I decided I would train for and try to run. I am getting there. We are just a couple of weeks away and I am making progress nicely. I have been training on the treadmill and actually did a 5K on it last week, survived, and felt strong.

I have yet to hit the actual pavement but plan on that today. I have been running inside all the time but am about to hit the open road for the first time later today. I know that running on the earth itself will be quite a different feel so I got some new running shoes to be all prepared for the event. I went to a running shoe store and got an expert to watch me walk and run and found the shoe that was just what I needed. A big thank you to my buddy Clint who bought me the new kicks to support me in my new found health. I can't thank you enough Clint. What a nice gift. I will be wearing these bad boys come May 5th at Boardwalk Park here in Windsor for Johnny's Community Run. I hope to see you there to celebrate the life and legacy of Johnny, my new found health and the 30th anniversary of The Good Morning Guys which also happens to be May 5th as well. We have much to celebrate.

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