Earlier this month, you may have heard about TV news anchor Kirk Montgomery (formerly of 9NEWS in Denver) and his birthday fundraiser for Larimer Humane Society. 

Montgomery started the birthday Facebook donation a few weeks ago to honor his beloved dog of 12 years, Joey, who he said goodbye to in January. Many viewers remember Joey from the 'Joey's Friends' segment on 9NEWS.

Because he adopted Joey from Larimer Humane Society in 2007, Montgomery asked friends to donate to the shelter for his birthday, with his goal set at $1,000 — but, the donations quickly exceeded that.

By the time the TV anchor's actual birthday rolled around this week, Mongomery's Facebook donation page had raised $3,700 for Larimer Humane Society, which translates to 165 days of care for animals at the shelter.

'Happy birthday to you, Kirk Montgomery TV!' Larimer Humane Society posted on Facebook. 'We know this has been a difficult few months for you, and especially wish to bring joy your way today. You have touched our hearts for many years. From seeing you give sweet Joey a home to watching our little alumnus grow through the years on Joey’s Friends at 9NEWS (KUSA), you demonstrated how adored he was – we hope every animal can be so fortunate to find a home like yours.' 


'Our birthday wish comes with the promise that Joey’s legacy will live on long into the future as other pets find compassion and love. As a permanent reminder of your and Joey’s impact on Larimer Humane Society, we will be placing a tribute tag on our Paws to Honor wall with your names, signifying your lasting impact on all the lives touched within our walls.'

See the full message from Larimer Humane below.
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