Almost a year after eliminating 80 vacant positions, the University of Northern Colorado is set to lay off up to 65 people to address budget problems plaguing the school.

According to The Greeley Tribune, a letter was sent to the campus Friday telling staff that 65 people will have their jobs eliminated before April. University President Andy Feinstein said "While we know these decisions are necessary, I care about the people impacted by them. We are committed to paying at least two months of salary for employees whose positions are eliminated."

According to the letter, the school is using a financial structuring concept at UNC that has been implemented (and successful) elsewhere. The new concept would allow the school to "deploy specialists to more effectively deliver services."

As far as the future is concerned, university president Andy Feinstein tells the Greeley Tribune that he "doesn't anticipate any more cuts, but doesn't have a crystal ball."

Source: Greeley Tribune

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