Sometimes a story comes along that makes you shake your head and yell out loud at the TV. The story about the ladies being asked to leave a United flight because they were wearing leggings is one of those stories. I am embarrassed to be in the media when I hear the news stories about this. It isn't even an issue. This is flat out stupid.

The girls were traveling on an employee pass which comes along with the stipulation of following the companies dress code. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dress code and enforcing it. We used to dress up to fly as passengers when I was young so I really don't get the problem here. There are golf courses where you are required to wear a collared golf shirt to play there. You know that and follow the rules if you want to play there. There are some restaurants that require a jacket to get in. You just put one on and follow the rules if you want to go in. The airline has specific rules for using a company comp ticket and requiring that you follow the rule that all others who use them adhere to is not being out of line.

I applaud you United for having a policy and sticking to it. I may actually try to use you more now just because of this. Bravo!

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