What does one do when a military base in Guam has a Brown Tree Snake problem? The obvious: Drop 2000 dead mice loaded with poison.  Brilliant!

It's no secret that Guam has a major problem with the Brown Tree snake.  The snake which is known to live in the South Pacific was accidentaly introduced to Guam in 1952 most likely as a stowaway aboard a ship or airplane.

Moot point.

The point now is that it has become a nightmare for Guam as the snake has all but wiped out the bird population and has become invasive to humans as well entering homes and bedrooms/cribs at will.  It's much like the python problem in Florida; impossible to control and the Brown Tree snake is one of the deadliest snakes on the planet.

The problem is now rampant at Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo, Guam and as part of an $8 Million dollar program to eradicate the problem they dropped 2000 dead mice loaded with acetaminophen over the base. Each one was attached to its own cardboard parachute so that it would get hung up in the trees, where the deadly snakes live.  The Air Force has done many tests and believe it's the safest way to approach the problem while considering other animals in the area that may eat the laced mice.

Experts believe there are as many as 2 million snakes on the island.

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