That one time I went to Jamaica for #BootsOnTheBeach and decided to give Jerrod Niemann a friendly wake up call…. I've had better ideas.

Posted by Tyler Farr on Monday, June 29, 2015

Jerrod Niemann recently opened up to Taste of Country about a prank tour buddy Tyler Farr attempted to play on him while they were in Jamaica for the Boots on the Beach event, and now, the video proof has emerged.

The story goes that Niemann and his wife were asleep in their hotel room early one morning when they suddenly heard some noise. Niemann's wife, Morgan, got up to check it out and found Farr trying to pick the lock on the second-story balcony to sneak into the couple's room. According to Niemann, his wife was unfazed by Farr's presence, and gave him a simple, “Oh, hey."

"And he goes (impersonating his friend), ‘I’m comin’ in there to kiss you, Niemann,’” the singer recalled to during the Taste of Country Music Festival.

What Niemann didn’t know is that Farr had used a pool lounge chair to climb up onto the balcony via the railing, which ominously cracked when he scaled it. He made it up unscathed, but insisted on going back the way he came rather than using the hotel room door.

That’s when things got iffy.

As Farr hung off the balcony preparing to shimmy back down the chair, the railing shattered, sending the singer to the ground two stories below. Amazingly, he wasn’t seriously hurt and landed on his shoulder and bottom, just barely missing the side of the pool.

Though the couple heard the crash and Morgan wondered if they should see if Farr was okay, Niemann wasn’t super concerned. “If he’s alive and hurt, we’d hear him screaming, and if he’s dead, we can’t do anything about that,” he remembers saying.

Thanks to Farr and his tour manager/accomplice, you can now see the whole thing go down on video. Kids, don’t try this at home.

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