This is turning out to the be the most embarrassing season I have ever experienced as a Bronco fan. I knew we might struggle a bit this year to find our footing but thought we would eventually get better. Instead we started out great and then QUIT! This team looks to have no heart whatsoever and the coach looks unprepared and out of place. There is not a single aspect of this team that has performed well.

We can point our finger at Vance Joseph, John Elway for hiring him. the quarterbacks and basically anyone on the team could be pointed out for under performing but there are two players that stand out to me and I think we should get rid of them for whatever we can get for them. Maybe we could get some sideline heaters or new Gatorade buckets in exchange for Aqib Talib or Demaryius Thomas. There are so many disappointments but these two stand out to me. I can't stand the cheap tactics of Talib. He is not the kind of player I want representing the Orange and Blue. I know he has talent but I see more trouble than I do positives. Demaryius Thomas is the most overrated wide receiver in all of football and has been for a few years. I see him drop balls that hit him right in the hands or chest more than I see him catch them. He has the ability to make an amazing catch and then drop the next 4 that my grand-kids could catch. You can pay someone a lot less money to kill drives and drop balls. He seems to have the hands of a snake.

Just another Monday of trying to figure this team out. I actually gave up yesterday and turned on a documentary by the end of quarter number one. Why watch something you know is going to make you shake your head and say why why why?

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