Less than two weeks ago, the Denver Zoo announced that 11 lions had tested positive for COVID-19, and just prior to that, two tigers inside the facility were also showing symptoms of the virus.

Now, the Denver Zoo has confirmed that two of their hyenas have also tested positive for COVID. The hyenas, Ngozi and Kibo, are believed to be the first of their species that has contracted the virus worldwide.

The hyenas' test results were validated by both the Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Fort Collins, as well as the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory.

According to zoo staff, Ngozi and Kibo are displaying extremely mild symptoms, including slight lethargy, some nasal discharge, and occasional coughing. Hyenas are apparently incredibly resilient creatures, and these two are expected to make a full recovery following their bout with the virus. They've continued to interact and play with their keepers during this time.

The zoo also provided an update that the two tigers who tested positive several weeks ago are now clear of the virus and back to normal health. More good news is that the 11 infected lions are all either fully recovered or showing decreasing viral levels.

Because other species are susceptible to COVID, the zoo will continue to treat their animals with the highest level of care and monitor those needing extra care.


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