It's been said that a bear's gotta eat. If that's true, then bear cub's gotta play and that includes two in Colorado who were caught playing on a tire swing like it's their own.

This playful moment was captured near Woodland, Colorado. Two (very large) cubs discovered a tire swing in a park and then it became theirs for the day.

The brave soul that recorded the phone video shared this:

Two bear cubs were playing on tire swing while momma bear was sleeping in the backyard. This happened in Woodland Park, Co.

For reference, Woodland Park is almost directly west of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and due north of Pike's Peak.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If you've been fortunate enough to come across (from a safe distance) a mama bear and cubs, you no doubt have seen the young ones playing real hard. That's what they do. As fearsome as encounters can be with angry adult bears, no other young animals can outplay them especially when given access to something like a tire swing.

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