An episode of "The Best Defense," that was filmed in Loveland back in April, will be airing on the Outdoor Channel at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28. This particular episode is a special titled, "Mass Casualties," and documents a mock terrorist scenario with active shooters taking place at a public event. The point of the show is to see how people respond to an intense, realistic situation such as this, and then dissect how it could have been handled better. During the thirty minute episode, tactics of self-defense, product reviews, tips involving firearms and how best to protect oneself during unsafe situations will also be discussed. The Outdoor Channel is available on DIRECTV, Comcast, DISH and other cable carriers, and an extended version of this special will be posted online at a later date.

The "Mass Causalities" episode was shot at the end of April, in the Pulliam Community Building, located at 545 Cleveland Avenue in Loveland. Both paid actors and volunteers participated in filming. Local law enforcement was also invited to take part in the mock scenario, as a form of training.

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