Separately, Tucker Beathard and Lindsay Ell are two of the most driven rising stars in country music. Together, they become down right powerhouses.

Recently, the two guitar aficionados joined forces to perform the song “Faithful,” which is set to appear on Beathard’s second installment of his debut double album. King is set for release on Aug. 21.

“I always thought that this song could be a really strong duet,” Beathard explains. “Having Lindsay on the song, with her vocal and input on it, just took it to the next level. I think I can safely say we’re both kind of nerds when it comes to guitars, so to be able to bond over that and that shared passion to bring this song to life was really cool."

Indeed, Beathard and Ell's guitar talents shine in the "Faithful" video just as much as their vocals. Viewers may even be left wondering if it's just the beginning of these two collaborating together.

Ell’s current single “Want Me Back," is out now. The album from which it comes, Heart Theory, is to be released on Aug. 14. Beathard's new album, meanwhile, sees him eloquently pushing through tragedy as he continues to mourn the untimely death of his brother Clay while at the same time celebrating being a first-time father.

“For me, music has always been a way to escape,” Beathard reflects. “There’s a lot of things people are dealing with internally that they don’t have voices for right now, and I’ve learned that if I write from the heart, if I sing from experience, I can be that voice. Some people can’t pinpoint what they’re feeling, but they can hear a song and be like ‘Damn, that’s it,’ and I hope I can help them get there with this record. These songs mean a lot to me, and I feel really ready to share them with the world.”

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