It was over 10 years ago that Trent Tomlinson released his debut album "Country is My Rock". That album has remained one of my all time favorites until this day. I have been waiting for over a decade for the much anticipated follow up and the wait is finally over. Trent has released a new album called "That's What Working Right Now" and is worth the wait. We brought Trent in for a New From Nashville a couple months back and he blew away the crowd at The Boot. Wow!

From track one "Dust" to the final cut "I Called Up Hell" you are in for a one cool trip. There are so many styles and sounds on this album that your ears will write you a thank you note. "Dust" which leads off the album, is one of my favs. It is about having to leave someone and hating to see them hurt. The guy in song wishes he would have kicked up more dust when he left so he didn't have to see it. "For the Life of Me" sounds like it could be Lady A hit. "Right Where We Want It" and "Running Out of Room" sound like Jason Aldean type hits yet it is all Trent. He is writing and singing better than ever. This thing is loaded with potential hits like "Don't Blow My Cover" and "When She Goes There" along with the current single which is the title cut. Do yourself a favor and add this gem to your music collection. Buy music and when you the new Trent Tomlinson.

Trent was a co-writer on this huge number one for Brett Young.

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