If you lack elk in your life, I can help you with that thanks to a capture from a backcountry trail camera.

Tim Osborne Photography has trail cams in many locations based on info from their YouTube share. They were recently checking footage that has been collected for the past few months and noticed some big time activity. It showed a parade of several dozen elk give or take a few. Elk math is not one of my specialties.

Live Science has a helpful facts about elk article that mentions a full herd can include up to 400 elk. One thing I did not realize is they mention that herds are normally ruled by one dominant female elk. If mama isn't happy, ain't nobody that's happy must apply to elk like it does to people maybe.

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The article also mentions that one male during mating season can partner up with as many as 6 females. Love backcountry style. Live Science also says that most herds are divided up with males in one group and the ladies in another.

Here's the parade of elk that Tim Osborne Photography shared on YouTube. You'll notice that there are both males and females here so maybe they're from a coed elk dorm.

I counted around 30 elk. What about you? As I said, math elk is not my specialty, but this amount of elk on one short trail cam video counts as a win in my wildlife book.

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