Loveland's Thompson Valley high School is starting to solidify itself as a Colorado cheerleading powerhouse.

The Eagles squad won the Class 4A state cheerleading title for the second straight year last weekend with 82.45 total points.

Most impressively, Thompson Valley repeated the state title after graduating 10 seniors from last year's championship squad.

Eagles team captains Kennedy Robinson and Daphne Juergensen both help lead the team to the state title. For their efforts, they are co-Townsquare Media High School MVPs for this week.

Both sat down for interviews on winning the state championship.

Kennedy Robinson

Q: What was it like to win a state title?

A: Winning a state title is already a super special moment and experiencing it again was an unreal feeling. This team especially being so young and competing at state, its intimidating so i wasn't sure how we were going to do. I think that coming into state prepared really built up our confidence and the whole team was more excited than nervous so when it came down to it we all wanted the same thing and we wanted it really bad.

Q: What was the atmosphere like at state this year?

A: The atmosphere at state was definitely different because of covid just like every competition. State is always fun because its packed and everyone is watching you and usually all of your friends and family can come watch but this year we didn't have that. I was worried that it wasn't going to feel like state because there wasn't as much pressure but as soon as i got out there the pressure hit and I could feel how bad everyone wanted it on the team.

Q: What was the Thompson Valley Cheer squad like this year?

A: The cheer team this year was a super special team and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to experience it. At the beginning of the year I knew we had the talent to win for sure but I was nervous about the experience. Competing is hard and it takes time to learn how to deal with the nerves you have but this team knew what we needed to do and we did it every single time we competed. I have never been on a cheer team that does a perfect routine every competition, but with this team, each routine we did we only got better. I am so thankful I got to build a relationship with everyone and I can't wait to see what they do next year.

Q: What was it like competing during a pandemic?

A: Competing during a pandemic was definitely an experience, just not one I'd like to relive. Getting to know each other was especially hard this year because of all the rules that were put in place and half of the team was brand new. Every competition we went to we didn't see another team or get to watch anyone. I'm sad the seniors didn't get to experience that this year because that is a big part of what makes cheer fun. We also weren't sure of the rules until a month before we started competing so practice was all over the place but overcoming all of that and coming out on top makes up for all of that.

Q: What's your pre-competition routine?

A: Before competitions I usually get ready by myself and get into the right mindset before I get there. When the team meets we practice at the school then drive to the competition. This year was different for me because I usually have a bunch of nerves backstage and was used to being calmed down by the older girls but this year I was an older girl and I was so confident in everyone it was hard to get nervous.

Daphne Juergensen

Q: What was it like to win a state title?

A: Winning a state title is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The feeling you get is unreal, nothing compares to this feeling, you feel so accomplished and know that the work was all worth it.

Q: What was the atmosphere like at state this year?

A: The atmosphere was obviously different than any other year. We weren’t able to watch teams perform. Basically we got there warmed up, competed and had to leave right after. It was different not having a huge crowd. Even though it was all different it was still an amazing experience.

Q: What was the Thompson Valley Cheer squad like this year?

A: Throughout my four years on the cheer team this team was most different. For three years we were competing with relatively the same athletes but this year it was a brand new team. We lost over half of our team last year so it was a building year for sure. It was a very young team and a bunch of beginners. It was an amazing team though, I love each and every one of them so much and it was a great team to be apart of.

Q: What was it like competing during a pandemic?

A: I didn’t think competing in a pandemic was too different. Of course we had to wear masks and had less competitions but for the most part it was normal. The only huge difference was there wasn’t a huge crowd at any of the competitions.

Q: What's your pre-competition routine?

A: Our team is very superstitious so we try to do the same thing before every competition. There’s certain songs I need to listen to before each competition to make me feel ready. Every competition we sit in a circle and each person says what they are excited for and what they need encouragement on. We warm up in the same order every time and then we do our prayer and hype up.

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