I have been having you follow along on my journey to better health hoping we can all join together to get ourselves to be the best us we can so we can join forces and change this crazy world. I am closing in on my goal but have lots of work yet to be done. There are many things I have noticed during my weight loss and I wanted to share a few off the top of my head.

1. My Shoes - I had never really seen my feet before and I have some pretty cool shoes.

2. Belt Buckle - I have one...who knew?

3. I Need Less Soap in the Shower - the coverage area has shrunk so I don't use nearly as much liquid as I once did.

4. It Only Take 75 Cents to Dry Me at the Car Wash Now - It used to be at least $2.25

5. I Can See the Floorboard of My Truck - It used to be littered with fast food bags. I didn't know my floormats had a Superman logo on them. I thought it said Taco Bell.

6. The Food Industry Misses Me - I actually got an email from my old pizza place asking where I have been.

7. Energy - I actually feel like moving and not just collect dust.

8. I Am Not Addicted to TV - I used to sit and watch it constantly and now I just really need it for football and Jeopardy. I would rather find a project. I have no idea what I have turned into but I love it. The journey continues.

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