Finnnnallllly, the snow seems to be gone (for now) and temperatures around NoCo are rising. Dare I go as far as to say it feels like... summer?

Nevertheless, it's getting warmer out.

Although many people, myself included, found themselves dining outdoors last winter thanks to the incredible outdoor accommodations so many Fort Collins restaurants made in order to continue serving patrons throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the warm temperatures we've had the pleasure of enjoying in Northern Colorado these last few weeks make it even more tempting to dine outdoors.

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If you know me, you know I tend to eat out (as opposed to eating at home) far more than I probably should; all I can say is, the next few months are going to be dangerous for my bank account — because I'll use any excuse to go out to eat.

Whether it be to take advantage of the beautiful weather, maintain social distancing or for the sole desire to eat outdoors — several restaurants in the Choice City provide outdoor dining options.

Grab a friend, a family member or hit the town solo and check out the top 10 restaurants in Fort Collins that offer outdoor dining, according to TripAdvisor:


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