I get to do something I have never done before.  I have the opportunity to officiate a wedding. It's not just any wedding. It's Loveland's 1st Annual Valentine's Day Group Wedding on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 at Loveland's Foote Lagoon. Registration is 2pm - 3:30pm. The ceremony is at 4:30pm.

I will stand in the middle of the lagoon to address the couples gathered on the steps all around me. The lagoon will be lit by candlelight, and singer-songwriter, Branden Sipes, will be playing classic romantic songs before and after the ceremony. There will be couple getting married and couple renewing their wedding vows.

How it Works

For couples getting married, you can purchase your tickets online, then you must apply for a marriage license through Larimer County, and bring it with you to registration between 2pm - 3:30pm on 2/14/17. It is your responsibility to return the license back to the County Clerk & Recorder within 63 days after the ceremony. The license will then be officially recorded.

For couples renewing their vows, you do not have to apply for any paperwork in advance. Simply purchase tickets online and register at 2pm on Valentines Day. You will receive a vow renewal certificate after the ceremony.

What You Get

All couples participating in the group wedding will have their certificate signed by me (the officiant.) You will receive special signature Valentine's Wedding cupcakes, and a gift bag for participating. A photographer will be available at the lagoon to take photos of each couple. You'll receive a keepsake photo immediately. Every couple will also be registered to win a large gift package from participating sponsors!

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