Todd and Jenny Harding's new kitty Frosty
Todd Harding, TSM

It's no secret that my wife and I are cat lovers. We lost our Chudley after 18 wonderful years. We still have his litter-mate Morgan, but it is painfully obvious she is very lonely. So we finally decided to get her a new companion.

Her name is Frosty. She is named after the Super Moon or Frosty Moon that we were taking pictures of on Sunday night, when we first met her. Frosty's mother is a barn cat on my cousin's place east of Ault, so she was born in the wild. It will take a little doing, but we will show Frosty that we love her unconditionally and she will eventually grow to love us too.

Her relationship with Morgan got off to a slow start last night. As soon as Frosty came out of her cat carrier, Morgan hissed at her and our new little girl kitten dashed down the stairs into our basement, which is packed pretty full of stuff. We spent the next hour looking for her. I finally found her hiding behind the ironing board. When we finally got her settled down and moved into her scratching post/kitty house, she started to purr and play and finally figured out she was home.