If you are a believer, today is the day to hit your knees and pray for our nation and our people. Today is the National Day of Prayer. If you are not a believer, no worries, just have a great Thursday and project a happy spirit today. I happen to be one who has believed in the power of prayer my whole life and will have a few words today.

I have said many times that I am not a churchy person but I do believe in a higher power that guides me and gives me direction when I tune in. There are many places of worship and venues that will be hosting events today. I know that National Day of Prayer will be observed in Greeley at Cornerstone Community Church, 1321 9th Ave from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM and there are certainly places near you to take part in as well. I know that these folks wrote to me to encourage all to join in and would love to see you there. Happy National Day of Prayer.


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