I have been married to my high school sweetheart Kyla for 32 years and feel very fortunate to have her. I don't always let her know how important or awesome she is but certainly should. I guess we just assume they know how much we care but we need to verbalize and show it with actions as well. The photo above is of Kyla and I in high school and I have no idea why we were dressed like this but I am guessing some partying was involved.

Today is great day to do that for the one you love. Today is Couple Appreciation Day. This is a day to go out of your way to do or say something to your beloved partner to let them know how special they are to you. If you are single you could use this day to celebrate a couple in your life that exemplify what a couple should be. You could buy flowers or something like that. I would suggest cooking a nice dinner or writing a note telling them why you adore them or just go for a hand in hand walk. It doesn't take much but do something to celebrate the beauty of the relationship you have or one that inspires you to want that same.

I appreciate my bride more and more every day as I continue to discover new and wonderful things about her. I got lucky. I bet you did too. Let them know.

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