I have been trying to improve all aspects of my health. I have worked very hard on the physical part which has actually helped the mental aspect as well. They are all connected. Physical problems are much easier to handle for me. I can walk with a limp for awhile until something heals but it is hard to go through the day when your brain is limping. None of us can afford to have a gimpy mind so what can I do to help myself? Here is a very simple little thing I do that has helped me immensely through the years once I figured out how to do it.

I had always been one who had a problem with worrying about things. I would actually sit there and try to remember what I needed to worry about. I would stress over bills, what the traffic might be like on the way home, work, are the kids okay today?, did I do as well on that assignment as I could have?, is someone mad at me?. You name it, it would pop into my head and lead me down the bumpy road of worries and stress and then I decided to take control. I started to schedule time to worry. I would train myself that when something popped into my head that I felt I needed to worry about, stress over or just figure out, I would schedule a time to worry about them later in the day. I started making 415 pm my worry time. I would tell myself that at 415 I would deal with whatever I needed to stress over. Whenever something sneaked into my head that started to stress me, I would say " I will deal with you at 415". I have found that when 415 rolls around that I rarely have anything that really does require my stress and worry. It has saved my brain big time. Try scheduling your stress and worry time and you will find you need a lot less time to stress and worry than you thought. You are in charge of you...always.


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