What an amazing experience we had with Tim McGraw. Todd and I were so honored to go to Franklin, Tennessee to attend an album release party for Tim's new album "Sundown Heaven Town." I can't even put into words how cool it is to have Tim standing right in front of you singing, and then to have a 10-minute interview with him was a treat of a lifetime that I will never forget. Tim is such a country gentleman in every way. I loved him before, but have even more respect for him now.

My favorite part of the interview was when I talked to Tim about his country sound. I told him that no matter what he sings, or who he sings it with, that you just can't hide the country in his voice. His response was priceless and hilarious. You have to listen to this interview and hear it for yourself. I will never be able to see fireworks again without thinking of the interview. You will laugh out loud. Thanks for the time of our lives Tim.

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