Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson is again giving you a chance to win a brand new Harley. Put your knees in the wind and get your ride on! 

Who wouldn't want a free motorcycle? Especially a brand new one and a Harley-Davidson to boot. Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson in Loveland is one again giving you a chance to win one at Thunder in the Rockies Labor Day weekend.

This year, Thunder Mountain is giving away a new Street 750. To win it, stop by Bike Night at the the Hideout in Fort Collins every single Wednesday. The more times you show up, the more chances you have in increasing the odds of winning this beauty.

The liquid-cooled 749cc, 60-degree V-twin, starts around $7500 making this one of the most affordable Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the fleet. A great bike for beginners or those short hops around town or weekend rides through our beautiful Rocky Mountains. The Street 750 does 0-60 mph in about 4.5 seconds and runs a 1/4 mile at just over 13.5 seconds right at 94 mph. The bike only weighs about 500 pounds and has a 3.5 gallon gas tank with 6-speed transmission.

As I said, it's a great bike for the new rider or someone wanting to save gas for a commuter vehicle or recreational toy for weekend rides. Regardless, it's a free motorcycle for you to win and it all starts with getting qualified at the Hideout Patio Bar and Grill (1903 East Lincoln Avenue) in Fort Collins every Wednesday.

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