From mobile tiny homes to mega-mansions in the mountains, Colorado's real estate market is full of variety for those searching for a place to live.

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For the first time ever, an incredibly unique estate in Morrison, Colorado has been listed for sale, allowing someone new to own this amazing property.

Must-See Morrison, Colorado Estate For Sale

This is a remarkably rare opportunity to acquire over 75 acres in the foothill mountains just 30 minutes from downtown Denver.

Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

Step inside another cool Colorado home below.

Colorado Dream Home Offers Incredible Views of Grand Junction

We've all seen the beautiful homes in Redlands Mesa as we head towards the Colorado National Monument. Have you ever wondered what they look like inside? Here is your chance to see inside one of these beautiful Colorado 'dream homes' that offer some of the best views anywhere in Grand Junction.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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