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It's not a secret that I've always wanted a log cabin. A genius has taken that cabin concept to the next level and has built one that rotates 360 degrees and he shows you how it's done.

This isn't so much a full log cabin as much as it's a micro-cabin. The builder's name is Telmo and he demonstrates how his genius idea works.

The key to the whole design is the mechanism under the mini-cabin that allows for the rotating. After building a couple of prototypes that broke, he now believes the rotating wheel underneath is solid.

One more innovative thing they've done with this mini-micro-cabin is the use of cork for the roof. It's a lighter material that I would imagine puts less stress on the base than a normal roof/ceiling material would.

One potential pitfall of a cabin like this was mentioned by someone in the YouTube comments section. They joked about how this would be a challenge in a thunderstorm with wind potentially blowing the home around. Can you imagine what Wyoming wind would do to a rotating mini-cabin?

It's a crazy cool idea. How you could potentially adapt this to our part of Wyoming would be a challenge though.

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