Are we sure this place isn't a new version of Hogwarts?

Don't you just love a good castle? The rich history, the dazzling architecture, and all of the Disney princess feelings. It's truly magical when you come face to face with a castle. And believe it or not, there are several to be found across the country and many you can actually visit.

Including Colorado.

Bishop Castle looks like something straight from a storybook. It's located in Rye, Colorado and was built by a man named Jim Bishop. As the story goes, he bought the property in 1959 when we was 15 years old for just $450 and began building a cottage on it in 1969. When people said his cottage looked like a castle, he took the idea and ran with it.

This castle truly has it all. Wood and iron, geometry and archways, twists and turns. Not to mention that fire-breathing dragon that started off as just a dragon shaped chimney in the 1980s. Later on someone donated a hot air balloon burner which Jim placed at the back of the dragon's throat, thus making him a true fire-breathing dragon. It sits 80 feet in the air just off the Grand Ballroom.

Have you ever visited this place?

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