We do have the greatest job in the world, but sometimes people don't really think before they say something to us.  Sometimes it is annoying. Sometimes it is just plain rude. GILLIANRADIO came up with "12 Things To Stop Saying To People In Radio". Brian Gary shared it on his Facebook page and it made me want to make my own list.

Todd's Top Six Things You Should Never Say to a Radio DJ


6. Do we have school today?

I don't know. What school do you go to?  A better question might be does (Name of school here) have school today?

5.  Let me hear your radio voice!

This is my radio voice.  Unlike some folks in the business, I do use the same voice on the radio as I do in person.  There may be some processing on my microphone that might make my voice sound a little different.

4. Will you say my name on the radio?

Unfortunately we can't say everyone's name on the radio.  If we did, we would be reading a list of 60,000 names. It's not very entertaining radio.

3. You don't look anything like you sound!

Brian and I have gotten this one a lot over the years.  What it really mean is, "I thought you would be a lot cuter" or "I never dreamed you would be as fat as you are."  Thankfully, with the internet and being on the air so long, most listeners know what we look like now.

2.  I don't listen to your radio station!

Why would you tell me this?  It's just mean.  Keep it to yourself. I wouldn't tell you I never shop at a store you work at.  I really don't want to hear it.  I would love to hear about your musical interests, which may not be country and that is fine.

1. Do you have any tickets?

No. No I don't.  There is not a big stack of tickets in the studio. I don't carry tickets on me. If I am not introducing the show, I usually don't even get tickets for myself. For some reason, this question gets asked more than any other.  It is a completely different department that handles the tickets and each one is spoken for. Most are for contests.