My wife had a great idea while she was at the park with my youngest grandson Zayden. He was playing alone and she thought it would be great if there was a service to set up play dates for kids. They could put up a profile stating what they like and don't like to do and you could match them up to play. Swipe to the right or left. Kids have wet wipes so why not kinder tinder swipes.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when my grandson met a young girl named Emily at the park and her dad said that Emily usually doesn't like to play with other kids but was having a blast with Zayden He told my wife that they usually go to that part on Monday and Friday for lunch and was hoping Zayden would come back to play.

Well Zayden was so excited to see his 'girlfriend' Emily again, as he called her, and was all decked out to see her at the park on Friday. He even brought her a Valentine. Emily never showed up. Zayden waited and waited but she never showed. He did find another kid to play with and had a blast with him but I know he was still hoping Emily would show.

Kyla got to thinking that she should create the Kinder Tinder App and have kids load their pic for play dates. She was kidding of course but I thought it was a cute idea. Apparently so did a YouTube creator known as CannibalMilkShake who even created a parody video for it. Check the video and Zayden's Kinder Tinder profile picture here.

Kyla Flaa, TSM
Kyla Flaa, TSM

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