I have too many living creatures in my home. I should have three or four breathing organisms but I have much more than that. My wife and I are at the stage in life when it should be her and I and maybe a dog and cat at the most but I am blessed and need a much larger supply of oxygen for all the breathers in my domicile.

I used to claim to have a rule that it was "one heartbeat in, one heartbeat out" at my house. That meant that something had to die before a new critter could come live with us. That rule got broken several heartbeats ago and continues to be ignored endlessly. I now have added a 16th heartbeat to the family in the form a guinea pig named Charlie. He just joined the family last week and is already making an impact on the hearts of the grand boys.

Sixteen heartbeats seems like a lot to me. There are 5 human heartbeats, 2 dog heartbeats, one cat heartbeat, 5 fish heartbeats, one guinea pig heartbeat and 2 turtle heartbeats all pumping in my home. I have about 7 too many but I want to know about your home. Are you filled with a gluttony of heartbeats or just a couple?

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