We're gonna party like it's 1933.

At least, we're going to eat breakfast food like it's 1933. Until Friday (November 13), the Silver Grill Cafe is offering old-time prices to celebrate its 87th anniversary.

According to a Facebook post from the restaurant, up to 87 customers a day will be able to order from the 1933 menu if they make online reservations.

The menu includes 30¢ cinnamon rolls, 5¢ coffee, a 35¢ omelet and toast meal, beverages, and more.

Customers will also be able to enjoy exclusive 1933 menu items, such as steel-cut oats and gravy-covered pork chops.

"The Silver Grill's 87-year legacy resonates today in our old brick walls, wooden floors, and every plate of food we serve," read the post. "No matter the day, diners travel back in time. We're proud to play such a prominent role in Fort Collins' history."

Along with lower prices, the restaurant's staff will be dressing in 1930's attire throughout the celebration.

Online reservations can be made here. If you aren't able to make the promotion, you can still enjoy the grill's present-day menu at regular price.

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