The richest person in Colorado is Charlie Ergen. Who? Charles Ergen is the founder of Dish Network. According to, he is worth $18.2 billion. They found the wealthiest person in each of the 50 states. Ergen is number 12 on that list.

The son of an Austrian nuclear physicist who emigrated to the U.S. in the wake of WWII, Ergen became a professional gambler after college, but apparently got thrown out of a Las Vegas casino for counting cards in blackjack. Along with a friend and his wife Cantey, they began selling satellite dishes in rural Denver from the back of their truck in 1980.

According to, these are the 5 richest people in America, by state:

  1. Washington: Bill Gates - $78.8 Billion
  2. Nebraska: Warren Buffett - $70.2 Billion
  3. California: Larry Ellison - $52.8 Billion
  4. New York: David Koch - $42.7 Billion
  5. Kansas: Charles Koch - $42.7 Billion

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