There is a road in Greeley that seems to require speeding. Now, I have written many times over the past few years about how terrifying it is out there on the roads these days. Drivers are so distracted or angry or just plain clueless of the rules of the road. I really wish we could all just keep our hands on the wheel and realize how dangerous it is to be distracted while you are driving. We are more distracted and seem to be driving faster too.

I honestly try to drive the speed limit at all times. I am never in that big of a hurry. I take driving very serious and try to be as safe as possible. There is one stretch of road that makes me more tense than others though. I will leave I-25 out the conversation because that is by far the most terrifying stretch of road anywhere but there is one stretch in Greeley where it seem to be mandatory to go above the posted speed limit. I am talking about the Highway 34 Bypass as you head into Greeley from the west. The speed limit goes from 65 to 55 as you get into town but nobody slows down. I will try to drive 55 and people fly by me like I am standing still. I try to speed up to keep up with the traffic but I swear everyone is going at least 65-70 mph through that area. Once you get by 35th ave it even drops to a 45 mph limit and people still zoom by at 65. I say they either raise the speed limit or write "suggested speed limit" on the signs. The speed limit signs seem totally useless on that road.

Is there a road in your town where nobody drives the speed limit?

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