Easter is just a couple of weeks away and my mouth is already watering. I love the feeling I get around Easter and Easter dinner is one of my favorite meals of the year. We do the candy garden in the yard for the kids but the ham and potatoes get my attention. I like a lot of meals but there is one thing I must have at my Easter meal and it isn't the ham.

     I am proud to have been raised in North Dakota and Minnesota. I loved my Midwest upbringing. We were raised on country air, Lutheran church pot lucks and hot dish. I feel sorry for folks who are not familiar with the deliciousness of hot dishes and the versatility of cream of chicken soup. We were raised that as long as there are cans of stuff in the pantry, you have the fixings for a hearty meal. You just need to mix it all together, use some cream of chicken soup or cheese as a bonding agent, and you are ready to feast.

Susan and I could talk for hours about our love of tot dish. This is one of my families all time favorites. Here is a very simple recipe for a treat that has delighted my relatives for decades.

 All you need is a 9x13 pan and spray it with Pam
Throw in a bag of tater tots
Cover it with a can and half of cream of chicken soup
Add a can of milk
Stir it up and bake it for an hour at 350
Loosen your belt and enjoy. Happy Easter.

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