The reason I got into radio is because I am a music freak. There is nothing I love more than getting a new album and sitting back and taking a musical journey with an artist who is really speaking to me. That is the beauty of music. I love finding great music and sharing it with my friends. I want them to hear and feel what I am feeling. Here is my latest find I want to share. I know this is good because this is now my wife's favorite album.

I have been a fan of Morgan Wallen since I first met him at a New From Nashville a couple years ago at The Boot. I knew he had been on The Voice but had never seen the season he was on. He knocked me out that night at The Boot not just with his vocals but I heard great songs! Great songs always win and he makes great songs. His debut album "If I Know Me" is full of potential hits and shows that this young man will be making hits for years and years to come. He is the real deal.

From the opening hit "Up Down" all the way to the touching picturesque visions of "Talkin' Tennessee" which closes the album, this is one tasty journey. You have your beer soaked anthems like "Happy Hour", "Whiskey Glasses" and "Whatcha Know 'Bout That" which pays tribute to the Dirt Band classic "Fishing in the Dark". There are some great toe-tappers like "Little Rain" "If I Ever Get You Back" and the irresistibly catchy "Redneck Love Song" to keep you swaying. If you are looking to snuggle in for some romancing you can crank up "Had Me By Halftime" or "Chasin' You"  but the cream of the crop for belly rubbing on this one is definitely the steamy "Not Good At Not". You have a little of everything on here but they all hit the bullseye. I love this album and I believe you will too. Get to know Morgan Wallen...he is going to be here for awhile.


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