I have no problem admitting that I am mush ball. I look like a big bad hairy biker dude but I am as soft as a marshmallow. I can cry at a commercial, a touching moment, a cute animal and love itself can make a tear flow down my cheek. There are certain videos that can make me reach for the Kleenex consistently.

I am not sure why I felt the need to make us all cry today but I think it was Johnny Cash's fault. I stubbed my toe getting into the truck this morning and I thought to myself that it sure hurt, then the Johnny Cash song 'Hurt' popped into my head and I started thinking how sad that video was. I came into work and dialed it up on YouTube and sure enough, it make me tear up so I thought I would keep the stream going and make this list. Grab a box of tissue and let the emotion begin. Here are a few bonafide tear jerking videos.

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