I am sure you have friends with children and you wonder how they get it all done. How do they work and then tend to the kids and handle all that they need. You can see these people everywhere. They look tired and hurried and usually have a bewildered look and baby food stuck somewhere on their person. These folks would never ask for any help but could use you big time.

The best gift you can give a friend with kids is to give them a break now and then. They may have no sitter or family members to turn to to get a short break but could sure use it. You may even offer to help but they will say “no, it’s okay, we are cool.” That is not true, they need you. Step up and help out. Go to their house and tell them to leave for a couple hours and have dinner or go to a movie and you will watch the kids. What a blessing that would be. I know all parents need a break and if you can give them one, you are a hero. Don’t buy them a new onesie or rattle, give them a few minutes off to breathe. Parents and children will be better off if we all chip in and lend a hand. Be a real friend and give them some of your time so they can have some for themselves.

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