My wife Kyla is wonderful saintly woman who puts up with a lot of stupidity. Between my grandsons, my daughter and I, we give her plenty of reasons to want to run away or dig a really big hole and toss us all in it. I gave her a new reason this morning and I am scared to go home.

Let's face it. I am a man and men do some stupid things some times and a lot of the times it involves a truck. I have one of those cameras in my truck that comes on when you back up so you can see what is behind you to prevent you from backing into anything. I have backed into a few things since I got the camera. It didn't stop me from hitting them but it did show me exactly what I hit. I backed into a pole the first week or so of having the camera and today I did it again. I was backing into my parking spot at the radio station when I felt and heard a thud. I swore and then looked up to see that I had hit the building. I have proved once again how much of an idiot I am. It is nothing major but I did bust up the plastic around the light and I will have some 'splaining to do.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

I will be shopping for some minor truck repair this holiday season so if you are reading this Santa, you know what I need. I would also like it if you could bring me a brain so I can show it to my wife and prove to her I have one. If you are out of male brains I would settle for a jar of Flarp, that putty that makes fart noises. I think it is made of the same materials as a male brain. Sorry Kyla.

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