I have reached the age where I am attending funerals more frequently than I would like. I know it is an inevitable part of the life cycle but it still is a tough thing to do. Yesterday we buried Colonel Stan Cass and it really got me thinking about life, it's meaning and our purpose here on earth.

I believe the whole purpose of life is to create memories. Memories are all you have left in the end. Possessions and accolades mean nothing but memories are the gold currency. It is memories that fill us and make us feel. Those moments on the deck with your loved ones when a bird swooped down and scared your wife and you laughed until you cried...those are memories. When you go on a trip or share time with friends or loved ones, you create memories.

When you create a memory with someone you share a piece of yourselves with each other. You carry that forever. You then live in that other person. When you are gone, that memory you created will live on. The more people you make memories with, the more you will live on. There is no greater compliment than to have a special place in someones memory.

Go out there in the world and live. Live you life and create memories. There is really nothing else that matters in the end. The only thing you have that cannot be taken from you are your memories. They may fade a bit but they will always be there. You don't need money to have a rich life...you need people and the memories you make with them. Thank you for making so many memories with me and I look forward to many more.

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