This has been a tough two weeks around here for the Good Morning Guys. We have now been without Todd Harding for two weeks since he was injured in a traffic accident and I cannot wait for him to get back with us. Doing the Habajeeba Show without him was hard and doing the morning show every day without seeing him sitting in the chair he occupied for nearly 30 years just makes every day seem a bit empty. He has been my right hand, my comfort and my buddy for my entire adult life. I want him back...soon.

Today is a big day in his attempt to get back behind the microphone. Todd will be seeing his eye doctor and a trauma specialist today and if he is cleared he will back with us this week, maybe even tomorrow but if they tell him he needs more time I would not be surprised. Todd took quite a beating and we are lucky he is such a big strong dude because that strength has helped him big time. He wants to get back on the air very badly. You can only watch so much TV is what he told me last time we talked. He also sent me a text during the Super Bowl using some select adjectives to describe Tom Brady so I know he is getting back to his old self. I know Todd is still experiencing headaches and dizziness and I don't want him back until he is really physically and mentally ready to roar. I hope he gets the news he is looking for today but I am not as hopeful as he is. He may need some more time and Susan and I will hold the fort down until he is totally ready. He will be in a neck brace for at least another month and, of course, cannot drive in that time either.

When Todd does return we will all be happy and excited but we need to give him time to ease back into the grind. He may be a little slower at first but he will get up to speed. Give him your love and well wishes and grant him some patience and space as he starts his journey back to normalcy. Here's to good news today from his doctors and hoping he is able to join us this week, tomorrow or whenever it may be....we will be ready buddy.


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