There are a lot of people graduating over the next few weeks. Many of these folks will then be moving on to adulthood and starting life on their own for the very first time. There are many challenges and surprises along the way and anything you can do to find a little familiar comfort can be a wonderful thing. There are moments when just a little hint of home can make you feel better.

We all know that nobody cooks like mom. Some the fondest memories of my youth involve mom and her cooking. One of the hardest parts of growing up and moving away is the distance it puts between you and mom’s kitchen. That is where the greatest gift my mom ever gave me aside from life comes in.

When I moved out after high school graduation my mother gave me the gift all young men and women should receive upon heading out on their own…a recipe box filled with mom’s recipes! Nothing makes you feel closer to home than a plate full of mom’s cooking. If mom can’t be there at least her recipes can be. This is a great gift for a youngster moving away to college or just heading out to face the world on their own. It is also the perfect gift for a newly married couple. What better way to help a new couple get off to great start then to have a collection of culinary happiness?

At least once a week I am thumbing through my recipe box looking for things like “Mom’s Cheesy Potato Thingy” or “Mom’s Hot Sandwiches” or “Gramma’s Frozen Chocolate Nutty Dessert”. I have no idea what the real name of these things are but that is what we called them as kids and that is what they are still called darn it!

I am so thankful to always have a taste of home just a few ingredients away. It’s the closest thing to still having mom in my kitchen. Make sure when your birds leave the nest you leave them with the ability to take their tummies home every night.

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