Summer vacation can be a blast for the kids but can also be a challenge for parents, grandparents and, at times, the kids themselves. We need to keep them busy and keep their minds and hands busy. The last thing you want is a long summer of the kids being zombies in front of some kind of electronics. You need to get them outside and in the beautiful Colorado air.

Yesterday was the last day of school for my grandson Zander and summer vacation has officially begun. My grandkids are very lucky to have gramma home to watch them each day while their mom works. They are forced to go outside and learn how to do yard work and play in the dirt. Since it was day one of the break my wife thought she would get them in the summertime spirit by preparing for a few months of gardening and fishing.

Kyla Flaa TSM
Kyla Flaa TSM

The boys were given some digging tools and container and began the first worm hunt of the summer. It was a blast to sit and watch them dig up the dirt and collect the little crawlers. They had so much fun and learned that if you use your hands and some sweat you will find that all you need is already provided for us. We just need to be open to discover it. They now know that it costs you no money to dig up some worms, use them to catch a fish and eat it and never have to go to a store. All children and adults should do more of this. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors with your kids this summer. There is a lot more to do than stare at an 8 inch screen. Let the worm hunting begin.

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