Have you ever gone out to eat with someone who won’t put down their phone? Drives you crazy right? You sit there and try to have a conversation and realize that being in front of someone does not mean that you have the first shot at their attention. It seems like everything is more important than what is real and alive right in front of them. We have become so unsocial thanks to social media. I have the solution.

A friend of mine recently had us do this at lunch and I think it’s brilliant. When you get to your table for lunch or dinner make everyone put their phones in a pile on the table. The phones must sit there for the entire meal. The first one to pick up their phone has to buy the meal. It’s amazing how naked you feel. You will notice how nice it is to sit at a table where everyone is actually paying attention to each other. Try this out and plug back in to human contact. It’s awesome.

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