One of the hottest topics in Fort Collins as it continues to grow is affordable housing. This news of 2.9 million being awarded to help low-income families is huge.

Affordalbe Housing iStock
Affordalbe Housing iStock

In a press release from the city we've been told that the Fort Collins City Council has approved and awarded monies to a handful of agencies that help low-income residents.



As with many entities that have a set amount of money to award for any given cause, the funds are limited and a careful selection must be made. Typically, a group is formed to represent the entity, the one that has the money, to read through and often interview those who submit applications for funds. This procedure narrows the needs and establishes a recommendation for allocating/giving the available monies. In this case, the City Council received 37 proposals or requests for $1.3 million, but only had a budget of $858,537.

The public service grants awarded were earmarked for agencies and programs that serve a variety of needs. Those needs range from child care to services for seniors and disabled citizens to rental assistance and beyond, including victims of sexual abuse and mental illness. All tolled, 6 agencies received full funding and another 26 agencies were awarded partial funding.

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