Until Randy Travis came along it was very rare, in fact unheard of, for a country album to sell a million copies. That just didn't happen. There were popular artists and great songs but nobody was sending people to the record stores in masses to buy their music until this album hit us in 1976. The album was called "Wanted! The Outlaws" and it featured Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser and Jessi Colter. I remember playing this thing over and over when I was a young man.

This kind of started the whole "proud to be an outlaw" movement in country music and made it really cool to be a bit of a rebel. This album had so many great songs like "Me and Paul" and "Yesterday's Wine" to name just a couple. If you don't own this album, your collection is incomplete. Check out a few great cuts from this legendary album.

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