It may have seemed like a harmless move but my wife crushed me in a split second without even trying and it all involved a stick. I know this may sound petty and trivial but to me this was a soul crusher. Sit back and hear the tale of the therapy stick and the accidentally cruel wife.

I have to admit that I have been having a bit of a struggle lately dealing with some things that are out of my control. Some times it can take me days of thought to come up with the right answer or path for what I may be dealing with. Last week I was in a rough spot in my head and needed to sit outside and think. I sat on the deck in silence and just let my mind go. I grabbed a new, still soft from a fresh spring, small tree branch that had fallen on the deck. I grabbed it and started to slowly peel it down. I removed each little nubbin and slowly and carefully stripped off all the bark. I then spent a good hour scrapping the remaining layer of green 'skin' that was still on the stick. I got every bit of it off and this was one smooth shiny perfectly groomed stick. That stick helped me quiet my brain and keep myself together for the afternoon and even helped me make some decisions I had been pondering. I was very proud of my stick. I had plans to either use it as a marshmallow roasting stick or just keep it around to show off like I do my CMA awards. Little did I know the horror that was about to happen.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Our friends Chris and Jerry popped by and joined me on the deck. My wife then came down, grabbed a glass of tea and joined us. We were having a nice conversation when suddenly I heard a "snap" sound. I look over horrified to see my heartless wife had just snapped the stick I had spent over 4 hours grooming, right in half. I jumped up and shrieked "what have you done!". She of course had no idea. I told her what that stick was and how much work I had put into it. She said she had sunglasses on and it was so smooth it looked like a wire and she was just going to bend the wire. She had no idea it was a stick, a very special therapy stick nonetheless. She apologized profusely while Chris and Jerry laughed their butts off.

I am okay now and will make another stick if needed but this broken reminder will hang around on the deck for awhile in remembrance of that day. I love you stick. You were a good friend.


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