Fort Collins has some of the coolest parks I’ve ever seen. Just the other day I went to Twin Silo park which is such a cool concept in itself, but the design of the park is so unique and modern.

I feel like the city of Fort Collins puts a lot of effort into their parks, so I’m excited to see this new playground/park once it’s built. The city of Fort Collins said: “The park will feature a picnic pavilion, playground, open turf field, and pollinator garden.”

The focus for this new park is the sugar beet. In fact the park is on the same land that one of the Great Western Sugar Company’s sugar factory was on.

City of Fort Collins new park concept

At first, I thought of the beets that people put in their salads, but come to find out these beets are used to make sugar. Fort Collins joined the “beet boom” in 1903, which quickly turned sugar beets into a cash crop in this area.

The park will include a giant signature beet play structure. Which only makes sense, as sugar beets have had such a huge impact here.

City of Fort Collins New Park Concept

The project timeline is timely. Construction begins this spring, and the estimated completion time is this summer.

Groundbreaking and the unveiling of the park name happens Friday, March 15 at 10 a.m. at the Southwest corner of East Vine Drive and 9th Street in Fort Collins.

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