They've been kicked around and beaten down over the past few weeks, they had one of their greatest players in team history traded this past week and were pretty much written off both my national and local media after dropping 4 out of their last 5 games and yesterday, the team came out angry as all of that frustration that they had been feeling over the past few weeks spilled out onto the field at AT&T Stadium in Dallas as the Cowboys were the ones that the Denver Broncos took out a lot of frustration on.

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Was is extremely fun to watch? Absolutely. Did the Broncos save their season? well...for the moment they have but as impressive and awesome as that win was yesterday, what they do from THIS point forward will go a long way in where this team will stand at the end of the season.

  This play in particular epitomized the entire afternoon and attitude of the Broncos on this day...a beautiful sight indeed by rookie Javonte Williams...

The attitude and the swagger was back...

  The defense was phenomenal against one of the best offenses in the entire offenses and dominated in THEIR house...


And I don't think it was just a coincidence that Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams and that Broncos running attack went off the same day Broncos legend Terrell Davis was in the house!

  I think it's safe the say Melvin and Javonte made TD super proud but the locker room after the game I think just put EVERYTHING in perspective on just how important this win was and how much it meant to the entire team and organization.

  Not only did the team show up in a big way in did Broncos Country!

With all of the excitement and as good as we all feel about that win, the key will be to sustain this play and attitude in the coming weeks with the teeth of the division opponents coming up.

First will be a matchup against another NFC East team as the Philadelphia Eagles come flying into Empower Field at Mile High.

Let's go Broncos...STAY ANGRY!


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